Learn about Cargo Office


What does a trial version mean?

It means that you have a free 14 day valid account in which we monitor the usage of the account. The trial account for Cargo Office Air can be requested here. The functionality of the trial account, and the rates that you’ll find, are exactly the same as the paid license. We believe that you can see the added value within these 2 weeks of fully testing Cargo Office. During or after these 2 weeks you can ask us to welcome you as an official user.

What are the cost of using Cargo Office?

There are two different services under the Cargo Office umbrella: Cargo Office AIR and Cargo Office OCEAN. Cargo Office AIR uses a standard format and has a standard price of Euro 255,-per year/ license. For Cargo Office OCEAN however we cannot supply you with a standard price as the service must be tailored to every individual company and needs (number of contracts, number of monthly updates, etc).

Can i order Cargo Office without subscribing for a trial account?

Yes you can but only if your company already has one or more active licenses for Cargo Office. Just send us an e-mail from your valid corporate e-mail address and we arrange a new personal license for you. If your company is new to Cargo Office please request a trial account first. Regulations force us to check upfront if your company is allowed to have access to this kind of information.

General Support

Do you have customer support and are there any cost involved?

Cargoguide provides online help using Teamviewer. The cost is included within your user subscription. At any time you can contact our Customer Care team for free by email with any questions or suggestions.

If you need one on one support we can start an online session and show you step by step how it works best for you.

Can I get training?

Yes, of course. It would be a shame if you don’t use the functionalities of Cargo Office when they can help you doing your work more efficient!

With the help of Teamviewer and Skype/Phone we will show you the whole system and all its functionalities and answer all of your questions. For larger companies, we can give you multiple training sessions. Our experience is that over 10 persons per training will make it a bit chaotic.

Is there a training fee?

EUR 0,00. And this is not a typing error, it is free of charge! We consider it as a part of our service to our customers and there is no better customer than a happy customer. And what better way to do it then taking your time to explain everything and getting to know you?

Beside, a lot of ideas for improvement of Cargo Office are born during these sessions which help us to make Cargo Office even better.

Product features

Is Cargo Office secure?

Very. With 70% of the top 25 largest forwarders in the world and cooperation with major airline companies we need to have the data as secure as possible with the help of multiple tools and settings. We don’t want your special agreement rates out in the open.

Over a 1500 companies already trust us with their most valuable data, so why shouldn’t you?

Can I export the rate information from Cargo Office?

Yes you can. In PDF, Word or Excel. When you choose for Excel you can either chose your custom format, or e-Rate.

What is the cost of changing the PDF?

It is free of charge. We do not like hidden fees.

How reliable are the rates and information in Cargo Office?

The database of Cargo Office is the largest and most accurate airfreight database in the world. We have numerous custom software tools that helps us to keep the database as close to perfection as possible. We retrieve around 10 unique errors a day in all the rate sheets we receive!

However, to be on the safe side and not lose any money, we strongly recommend that you verify the rate with the GSA/Airline. Better safe than sorry!

Can I import the rate information from Cargo Office into third party software?

Yes you can. Cargoguide developed several solutions to export/share rate information with third party software applications. We call this EDI solution Cargo Office Interchange. We offer EDI solutions with the following partners: CargoWise, Sprinter, Riege and ActiveLogistics.

Technical Support

Why do I need to accept cookies?

Cookies are placed on your browser for your convenience. When you login, information is written onto your hard drive. The next time you login again the system recognises who you are and automatically enters your settings into the online application.

Which browsers are supported by Cargo Office?

We support Internet Explorer 8, 9, 10, Chrome, Firefox, Opera. Other browsers might work in one way or another, but are not actively supported and therefore some of the functions in Cargo Office might not work.

Which operating systems are supported by Cargo Office?

Every operating system is supported by Cargo Office. Since there is no installation required Cargo Office will work as long as you have an internet connection and a browser that is supported by us.

Do I need to install Cargo Office?

No. To ensure you work with the latest version of Cargo Office, with the latest rates and FSC/SSC and other information, we’ve placed Cargo Office online. “In the cloud” as they say. Since everything is online, you do not need to install anything. All you need is a PC, a supported browser and an internet connection.

How fast are rates uploaded?

We strive to have every e-mail answered and (if needed) take proper action within 2 hours after receiving it. In some cases, the rates you’ve send are already online in Cargo Office before you’ve send it! We are just that quick to show you the latest (upcoming) rates which will help you make the best choices for your shipment. We help you serving your customers! Please note that, although we achieve our 2 hour limit in 95% of the time, in some cases we might not. Especially during the transition of summer and winter rates we have to upload over 3.000.000+ rates. So then we take a day or two. And although this is still pretty fast, we do our utmost best to reduce this time even further!