Features that will change your life

Cargo Office Ocean will help you gain a serious grip on rate management. This way, you can start to reduce operational costs, while still adding new services.

Easy access to all
your carrier rates

Focus on
what’s important

Safe time &
help your clients

Save time

Searching for rates is simple and lightning fast with Cargo Office Ocean. React faster than your competitors with direct access to all rates available. We’ve simplified the search process so you can stay focused on what’s important.

Geographic search

Get ready for door-to-door search and find all possible destinations in a matter of seconds. Using maps will show you all nearby destinations.


Search and select your rates,
add your company margins and make quotations in minutes. Send your clients professional-looking estimates, while you’re still on the phone with them.

Online ocean rates

Compare rates from all the carries instantly in a few clicks. Access enriched data, contact information, surcharges and inland rates. Manage your own rates or have our dedicated team do this for you.

Compare, quote & ship

Find the best all-in rates

Find the best ocean freight rates in seconds. Compare all available carriers. Stop calling carriers for rates, be in charge with Cargo Office Ocean.

Easy rate management

Make great quotes in seconds. You got alle the best rate, now make online quotes and send them out to your clients while still being on the phone with them.

Make quotes in minutes

See all trade lane options at a glance and search for alternative routes with just a click.

Get access to the most powerful rate database in the world.