What our clients say

One big THANKS for this simple and useful application, we would recommend this to everyone without a doubt.

We consider Cargo Office Air as standard tool of our daily job; saving plenty of time and eliminating mistakes. It’s a clear and user-friendly application, giving us plenty of information in just one click.

Dusan Kejmar / Sales Manager
NNR Global logistics UK limited, Czech Republic

Cargo Office helps us very much
– I love it

I even asked at my first interview with my new company if they used Cargo Office. It is a very fast way to look up prices and see what carriers has flights to a certain destination. So a very good tool for us to make sure we uses the cheapest possible airline. I think it increases our customer service towards the customers that we can give them quick replies and very easy to see various carries that fly to each destination. And I am very happy with the service I receive from you Cargoguide.

A very happy client

I would say, that our daily work has become much easier after we started using Cargo Office.

Before we entered all rates in an access database, which took time and not as good as Cargo Office. The fact that we are able to see an overview over contract rates, promo rates, fuel increasing/decreasing is fantastic and helps in daily work to win the biz.

Mia Petersen Wichmann / Air Export Country Manager
LEMAN International System Transport a-s

I cannot imagine, how can I work without Cargo Office software

It is very full software for cargo information/rates, very simple to use, very attractive monthly costs and very friendly and quick support! I do not want to compare your service with another companies, because I have everything, that I want and I need! Your service is on TOP level!

N. Mikhilov
Alliance Cargo, Germany

Cargo Office has become an everyday necessary toolbox in our daily work

We use it every time we need to quote customers, seek alternative airlines on various destinations, check airline and warehouse details, fuel history etc. Cargo Office helps us to constantly be aware of our buying rates vs selling rates and to keep focus on the profit margin on every shipment.

Hanne Månsson Heede / Section Manager Airfreight Gateway Export
DSV Air & Sea A/S

Cargo Office is a great tool and it has been adopted by almost all users in the days after its implementation

Cargo Office helps us getting better margins and increase customer service.
 In fact by having immediate access to most of the airlines’ promotional rates, we can increase our margins.

It’s a great tool for our sales teams who build the quotations to the customers as they can be more reactive by answering quickly and with the most accurate prices.

It’s also a great tool for our operational people who are now able to select the best airline at the best price in a large panel and with a minimum of clicks. It helps us a lot optimising gross profit per files in a minimum of time.

Renaud Masson / Directeur d’Agence / Branch Manager
Clasquin France Airfreight Manager
C.H. Robinson Worldwide
Blue Water Shipping
Leman International
Yusen Logistics